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Future Voyaging

We humans need stories of where we're going to enable us to set out on the journey in the first place. To aid the transition to a regenerative society, we at Rethink use Future Voyaging tohelp people create much needed imaginaries and visions of the destination.

What is it we humans dream and long for in a future?

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Frederikke Oldin

- our expert on futuring through imagination

Frederikke helps us all to rethink our prescence on planet Earth. Like a keeper of a lighthouse, she casts a beacon of light into the future to help you find out which kind of a future you want.

On a Future Voyage, she will be your guide and help you make your way to the future as well as help spark your imagination once you're there.

Whilst Frederikke may set the scene, you're the one filling in the blanks, plugging into your imagination and dreams. This is why a Future Voyage can help you figure out what your path is.

What is your role to play
in bringing about a sustainable future?

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Farve Stain

What to expect

When joining a future voyage


  • A vision that will help guide you going forward

  • Inspiration from the visions of others

  • Hope that we can create a sustainable future

  • Insights on what's important - to you

  • The sense that you're not alone in longing for a better life

  • A beacon to steer for

  • Drive and purpose


As the future is a difficult place to actually visit, we travel in our mind's eye.
We all have some knowledge of solutions, technologies and alternative ways of living. In addition, we have dreams about what a good life might be like.

Through questions about what you're experiencing in a sustainable future, and what life there feels like, you are prompted to actualise this knowledge helping you create and crystallise visions and ideas of what kind of a future you would like to work for.

Knowing the destination, we are one important step closer to creating it.


  • We'll be meeting up on Zoom

  • The voyage will be guided, taking you to different places and realms of a possible, sustainable future

  • You decide with what to fill the future

  • Sharing of experiences after the actual voyage - allow imaginaries to grow 

  • Go on several voyages to hone your visions

  • The voyages are not recorded

Voyages are also arranged in real life. Please reach out to us for this service.

We're happy to tailor Future Voyages to your specific needs and context. Please get in touch!

We don't have any scheduled Voyages open to the public right at the moment. Please sign up for future travels so that we may  know you're keen to come along.

Once there is a bit of a queue, we will  start scheduling and let you know.

- See you in the future!

Previous Voyages open to the public:

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