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This workshop is for you when you, your team or organization:​

  • need to gain an overview and insights into the mechanisms of climate change

  • work with sustainability and need to fill gaps in your or your team's knowledge

  • would like to bring the organization on par with a sustainable future and from there be able to discern the possibilities in the crisis

  • want to act in ways relevant and adequate to the climate crisis and need to figure out how

Climate Fresk is a collaborative game about the climate crisis. The game covers basic climate research and gives you both insight and overview.

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How it works
The game consists of 40+ cards based on the science from the UN's Intergovernmental 
Panel on Climate Change, IPCC.  Each card represents an element or causality in the climate system.  

  • You 'play' in teams, guided by a facilitator. Together, you will identify causal relationships between  the various mechanisms that drive climate change.  Collective intelligence is a central element!

  • Over the course of several rounds in the game you gain insights that enable you to "get the big picture" and begin to understand the complexity of the crisis - for instance in terms of drivers and feedback loops.

  • Once you have created the overview, your facilitator will engage you in productive conversations about which solutions and actions are relevant on the road to a sustainable future, and what role you can play.

Climate Fresk helps you understand the problems we are facing
and start thinking about the new directions ans solutions we need to
identify and pursue.
Together, we can figure out how to set a new course.

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basic info

  • duration = 3 hours

  • ca. 6 participants per group

  • max 2 groups per facilitator

  • max 50 participants per workshop


Write us - we'll get back to you soon


We operate with differentiated prices, to allow us to also work with organizations and people where resources are scarce.

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