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We are

A small cooperative with a large network of collaborators. We generate cultural change in the broadest sense of the word - artistic installations, workshops, future work and processes in companies and organizations - and we have fun challenging the boundaries of what the future can look like.

Active members

Frederikke Oldin

MA in Language Psychology
Catalyst, futurist, facilitator, Art of Hosting practitioner

I organize forward-looking processes to gain new perspectives on organization, direction and values. This helps people and organizations to tune their own mindset. When we get the opportunity to do this, a deep meaning and satisfaction arises from actions that are truly green and regenerative.
We are rethinking what we are doing here on Earth, and where we are going.

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Krista Klijzing

Forest and nature management engineer
Movement strategist and nature connector

We are in relationship with Life 100% of the time. Not a thing that you do doesn't affect your body nor the planet. However, our current lifestyle doesn't teach us how deeply our personal and planetary health are intertwined. That's the missing link in how we approach sustainability. We need to cultivate both outer and inner sustainability practices in our homes/communities/organisations. This is what I do.


    Annette Buhl

    MA in Literary Studies
    Active Hope facilitator and Connector

    I work creatively to rethink the cultural narratives that underlie our  thoughts and actions: What narratives do we need to create a society where consideration for all nature's creatures - including humans - comes first? And which narratives do we need to leave behind?

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    Louise Jeppesen

    MA in green transition and multilevel development. Coordinator and communicator

    I am the type of coordinator who connects organizations with good ideas and brings them together with the aim of organizing workshops and lectures to expand our horizons and understanding of what the green transition is. Working with the sustainable individual in society is not enough: we need to change the structural framework on which it is possible to develop a greener future.

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    Supporting members


    • generate transition through 
      shared visions and goals

    • bring commitment and spark

    • build on inclusivity and co-creativity

    • open up new possibilities

    • add a regenerative perspective 

    • create ownership of processes and results

    Our processes are tailored to specific contexts and needs.

    We use a wide range of tools and methods.
    Principal amongst these are:

    Art of Hosting

    Climate Fresk!

    Future Voyaging

    Active Hope 

    We're inspired by principles and insights from different fields. Some are: 

    The regenerative paradigm

    Social Permaculture

    Human Scale Development

    Inner Development Goals

    Contact us for further information, sparring and development of ideas

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